Monday, May 4, 2009

tommy dean in olympia

finally you can watch it online. this is my first and will always be special to me. it is a bit long and i apologize for its length but i would like to share it with you here and welcome any comments or criticism. anything you have to say is helpful to me in future projects.

tommy dean is a street musician and for quite some time, i found his spirit to be so compelling. some people love him and some people hate him and from i have seen, the people who truly know him fit under both categories. and from what i have seen, tommy dean wouldn't have it any other way. he is truly on fire with the spirit of adventure and creativity.

tommy dean show (38:41) from Joshua Guerci on Vimeo.

as a local seattle film maker and videographer, i want to use this project as a demonstration of what i can do with video and a little bit of a flavor of what is to come. i like creating space with sound and video. i would like to create a sort of sense of what it is like to be with a person. not so much the details of what makes them interesting or anything like that but something more visceral.

if i have learned one thing from making this movie, it is to keep the camera rolling. you never know when life is going to happen and if you blink you will completely miss it. you need this sort of manic energy when watching an artist. you need to embrace every moment and every idea if it hurts you or makes you laugh or makes you cry or anything at all as long as you feel it. whatever you do, don't let it lie forgotten.

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that song you posted as " Will never get over you " is a Ricky Nelson Cover as far as i know.