Thursday, April 30, 2009

washington buzz

i did this thing for washington bus. it was at moe bar. people were drinking and making all kinds of noise so i found a dark secluded area overlooking the neumoes venue.

the event was for citizens running for public office as city council members. featured in the clip below is robert sondheim who is co-owner of rosebud on capitol hill. fun bar, by the way! you can watch the other views here

i used a borrowed camera and audio kit from my gametapes internship.

i also used a bare bulb because the lighting guy didn't show up. it could have been worse, i guess. i could have had nothing at all, at which case i probably would have attempted the interviews on the sidewalk.

if i had this to do again, i would have been more mindful of the interview. several of the subjects did not repeat the question back in their answer so none of the videos really stand on their own.

also, i would have avoided the big ugly window in the background. at the time i thought it would add some interest but it ended up being more annoying than anything.

lastly, i think i bumped the iris control about halfway through because my subject looks dark.

as a local seattle film maker and videographer, i don't think this project would be included in my motion video portfolio.

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