Friday, May 8, 2009

how not to do online video

i came across this company on youtube. my first thought was that someone had set this website up fifteen years ago and had abandoned it. the cyberspace equivalent of a ghost town. then i see the itunes logo and i am just confused.

it is an internet based television show that apparently has a contract with comcast to broadcast content on fox. content providers like to bring on people like this because it allows them to say to potential customers that they support local film makers. its a cheap gimmick.

to sum up itv's problems i would say, here is an internet television company that thinks like a cable network. for starters, the introduction logo sequence is fifteen seconds too long. and a close second is, what is the host weaing? i am certainly not an expert here, but if you are going to have a 'fassion' show, i woulds suggest against a balding host who looks like a washed up 70s lounge singer.

aesthetic aside, don't assume that your audience knows your subject. who is count kody? well, he's an event planner. but the video doesn't make that clear.

solution: skip the atari graphics at the begining and start off with a wide establishing shot of the count's events. show people enjoying themselves and having a good time. natural sound of chatting in the background and count kody says in his own voice something like "i put on this event!"

and of course, the video would be less than two minutes long because we'd do away with the host and stick to the meat and potatoes of the subject. that is, who is count kody and why do i, the viewer, care about what he does?

also, i would steer away from the temptation to post an extended cut. it would only confuse your audience.

finding faults in this video is too easy. what is it? what could have been a great opportunity to talk about the underground community of independent board game designers as turned into a corny nonsensical music video. where is the value in this?

i would start with showing people playing the game. voice over from the designer saying "i made this game" and so on.

i was excited to see a company showcasing local news and an independent perspective but i am disappointed by the execution.

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