Thursday, May 7, 2009

the crocodile is back (old news) and the doves will be playing soon

i've been sleeping under a rock for the last few months so i have not been to the crocodile since it has reopened. i've probably missed out on a bunch of brilliant shows. c'est la vie.

i am already impressed. they have a facebook page. and they have a twitter account. even better, they have a vimeo account with exclusive performances by indie artists like telekinesis!

Telekinesis "Rust" from The Crocodile on Vimeo.

the first crocodile show i will attend will be may 20th for the doves. only $20 for the band that pitchfork raves as kind of like coldplay if only it was cool to like coldplay.

i have a theory that the comparison is merely coincidental. the doves are huge fans of robert fripp and king crimson. king crimson are kind of like pink floyd if only it was cool to like pink floyd but that is beside the point. robert fripp put out some terrific material where he collaborated with brian eno. and of course, coldplay's most recent album is produced by brian eno.

okay, i'm not going to draw any lines here. just show the dots.

no. actually, i'm going to show you for the title track of the doves latest album, kingdom of rust. which believe it or not, was the point of this blog.

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Mike Letendre said...

Neat songs, thanks.