Tuesday, May 5, 2009

foie gras

if you are looking for something to do friday night, you might stop by lark. there will be a foie gras protest at 7pm. this could be a great opportunity for you to show the world how you feel. weather you choose to express yourself by picking up a picket sign or a fork, in just an hour you can earn yourself a whole weekends worth of satisfaction.

if you miss the event at lark, you have no reason to fret. the protest crawls over to quin's by 8pm.
my plan is to interview narn later this week and ask them three basic questions. first, how would they frame the foie gras situation in seattle? second, what are the counter arguments? third, are they prepared to answer those points? my main concern is not doing something cliche or obvious with this video. and of course, a fair and balance sane discussion would be quite refreshing.
i would not be surprised if narn declines the interview. i would say there is a 5% chance that i will get an interview because i have no built in audience with this blog. but we'll see.

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