Sunday, May 10, 2009

bob dylan's new album

this morning i went for brunch at because its the only place that wasn't packed with mothers enjoying their one day a year. i picked up a copy of bob dylan's latest album, together through life.

the cover art fascinates me because i think i have seen it before in a time life magazine. appropriate because bob dylan himself should be in time life magazine.

as trendy and appropriate it is to hate pitchfork, i am often amused by their way of saying what most of us are afraid to say. that is, even are most immortal music idols are merely human and often say or do things are objectively uninteresting.

"My band plays a different type of music than anybody else plays," Dylan recently told Rolling Stone. "As far as I know, no one else out there plays like this. Today, yesterday, and probably tomorrow." This suggests that he has never heard a moderately decent blues band in a bar.

now, go read whole pretentious thing yourself.

i have a theory that bob dylan died in that motorcycle accident. he did not survive. what we have today is some impostor. from time to time, that impostor is able to contact the spirit of bob dlyan or channel bob dylan's ghost and that how he was able to bring us great albums like john westly harding. or time out of mind.

okay i made a pact with my girlfriend, never to make her listen to bob dylan so... bon iver.

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