Wednesday, May 6, 2009

random and the ode to handy randy the ritter critter

this video clip is imperfect. it is raw. no b-roll no nothing. just a clip.

this was my first time out and about with the cannon xh-a1 hdv camera and i wanted to try it out in a documentary style. i have to say, it is quite the inconspicuous camera and it doesn't allow me the same sort of freedom of innocence that the vixia models have provided me. when you pull a professional or solid state camera out, your client knows you mean business. your subject will also know you mean business and they might get a little camera shy.

there is quite a dreamlike feel to the movement here and i think that must be a slow shutter speed. i don't remember what i had it set to but it must have been low.

in the editing room, i wanted to try out the steady camera filter and i am mostly happy with the results. i could have improved the framing if i had provided a little extra room. perhaps if i kept my subject within the 'tv safe' area, i could have avoided chopping his head off from time to time. but in a way, i kind of like the look of it. it as though the viewer is not really listening to the performance and more interested in the movement of the street and life of the city. does it add to the piece? perhaps.

i went back to ballard later to get some b-roll but i ran into random again and i shot some more footage. i am still up in the air about doing a video about random. i don't really want to head out there again until i get a clear idea of what i want to do.

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bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ if and or when you make a decide on the ballard deal; swing on by.
(^ I know mr.Rodes.
(^ we've.. had our tawks.
(^ I even know where he spent Xmas.

(^ his SINGING and sax playing is a heck of a lot better than Randy piece he does almost obligatorily before he'll let you hear him REALLY do RANDOM music.

(^ tell random if you run across him again, that " brain processor friend of emily nods and smirks".