Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my bloody valentine

my bloody valentine played at wamu in seattle last night. it was brilliant. a music concert should be a full body experience and i can think of only a handful of shows that really understand that. m83 and sonic youth for sure. if i had been around to see can in 1975, i am sure i would put them on my list.

with these kinds of religious musical experiences, you always end up with a few bad apples in the crowd. especially if the band is somewhat of a legend. i don't know what is more upsetting to the show, the 18 year old chubby girl who is hyped up on youthfulness and god knows what kind of stimulants, earnestly bouncing around and rubbing her sweaty belly against you, or being mad at her for the rest of the show.

certainly, these big events are a lesson in zen and enjoying the moment, however it chooses to come to you. blah blah blah.

even in the most amazing show of your life, there will be moments to complain about. such as, who let the candy raving bastards in and why do they insist on dancing inappropriately? and i think we can all agree that stinky hairy sweaty guys don't seem to belong anywhere. not even at a rock concert. they look homeless.


this is my bloody valentine. they are so amazing. us adults like to say, "you will remember and cherish this moment for the rest of your life" and of course, that generally means "you probably won't believe it at the time, but this really is as good as it gets!"

anyhow. i just thought it was funny that i'd be learning that lesson at a rock concert.

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