Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tod davies sings time machine

little by little, i plan to upload and share some scenes and outtake footage from my tommy dean show documentaries. my hope is to better understand what i did with tommy and get a clear picture of what i want to do with future projects. if you have any input i would like to hear it but i have no reason to believe anybody reads this blog so whatever.
this is tod davies. his rendition here of time machine was a tough cut from the movie. if i was to make a movie about the scene that develops around a character like tommy, then it would have been appropriate to keep it. for the final cut, i trimmed this song down to thirty seconds and reluctantly turned tod into the 'donavan' to tommy dean's 'bob dylan' and i never really felt comfortable putting tod in the back seat like that.

the conversation at the beginning is a bit amateur and obvious but the more i see it, the more i think it is so appropriately amateur and obvious. tod davies postulates the absurdity of becoming famous simply by incriminating somebody else. the unspoken implication here is that the camera (myself) is attempting to become famous simply by incriminating someone who is not famous themselves. cut to tommy shaking his head. oh i am so pretentious!
as a local seattle documentary film maker and videographer, i am always looking for new subjects and new projects to work on. my hope is that through this blog, i might be able to not only clear out my head but find other local seattle documentary film makers who are interested in sharing ideas and helping each other.

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