Saturday, April 18, 2009

little by little, less cool than the year before

i've gone to sasquatch 4 years in a row. sometimes the music has been legendary and sometimes it has been so-so. from my experience, you only need two great bands to play and the whole experience seems like money well spent. this year, not so sure.

but the problem with big indie rock festivals is that by the time most artists make it to the main stage, they are already five years irrelevant. here is the laundry list of mistakes.

kings of leon are headlining saturday night. this band was never cool! it is a good thing crystal castles is playing at the same time in the dance tent or saturday would be an absolute failure.

the decemberists were invited. colin meloy and his love for prog rock have gone too far! obviously, i'm being a bit irrational here but i don't want to see the decemberists for a while. they sound too much like yes! or rush these days and i just can't handle it.

animal collective or yeah yeah yeahs should be headlining saturday night. obviously.

fleet foxes go on before silversun pickups. like the kings of leon, silversun pickups are irrelevant.

tv on the radio and m83 are playing at the same time. fans of one band will obviously want to see the other. so don't play them so close together!

how do the organizers schedule these festivals? do they draw names out of a hat? or are they moving away from catering to the kexp crowd and more toward the kroq crowd? i mean the 107.7 crowd? i mean... fuck it. the vanilla "we sound like bands that were cool ten years ago" crowd?

way to go, sasquatch.

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