Thursday, March 5, 2009

problems with seagate freeagent

my hard drive crashed. yippie! all of my tommy dean footage is in limbo.

but i am not alone. a simple google search of 'seagate freeagent problems' will show you something interesting. overheating. and its not uncommon, either.

search for 'seagate freeagent overheating' and you'll find more stories of destruction and woe.

or search 'external hard drives overheating' and you will find some crazy stories about people who try to make their own external devices. then you'll see an amazon review of my product. it describes my problem exactly! also, on seagate's own website. the forums are bursting with complaints.

the drive doesn't mount. the drive doesn't show up on my desktop. it doesn't spin up anymore.

i called up seagate and by now i've spent 6 hours on the phone with them. on hold. waiting for someone to say something that makes sense. arguing with tech support. arguing with bureaucratic warrant nazis. arguing with their hapless managers.

basically, nobody at these call centers can do anything but tell you that they are sorry.

here is the problem. data recovery is expensive. $150 or more when its done on the cheap.

i am looking into class action lawsuits. that sounds like a good idea about now.

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