Friday, February 6, 2009

bruce and my life

i started taking tess down to bruce's house. she plays guitar for him and i think he likes it. i think he gets in a little perky mood when i bring her along.

we bought him a printer so now he can sit at his drawing desk and look at pictures of terrence stamp as he sketches out profile pictures of his hero jeff.

i have not updated in a while because i am busy looking for work.

tess was going to go to bruce's house on her own the other day but she chickened out at the last minute. i hope she called him because she was texting me all night asking me to do it. i love bruce and i want to help but i have to take care of myself, you know? and i certainly can't take the time to supervise tess.

once a week, bruce.

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bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ maybe more. just have to get Tess to meet my wife . she already knows juniper.

(^ and much can change in 5 months.

(^ thanks for helping while you could.

(^ all debts paid in full.
(^ who knows. perhaps after I go to the gorge to hear the doobie brothers and the leftover dead members in a wekkend or two from now..
(^ i may have some leftover financing to toss you.

(^ thanks for the random piece btw.
(^ does he know (or remember on a good day) that you know me?