Sunday, March 8, 2009

all ages shows

i've been volunteering at vera project to pay off my parking tickets. i have a lot of parking tickets. people are always surprised to learn from me, you can pay off your parking tickets with community service. i am thinking about charging people money for this tip. then, i might just pay off my parking tickets by giving people the advice. it is, in itself, a sort of community service. don't you think?

i appreciate any group that serves kids. also, the new venue is a great move. not only is this a noble non-profit, but they are able to bring in an objectively decent level of tallent. staff writers from the seattle weekly's are not ashamed to show up and review shows.

there has been drama in the past. recently, there was drama between eric grandy and atlas clothing. back in the summer, the capitol hill thrift store was trying to become an all ages venue by night. eric wrote an article about it and pointed out a curcial flaw, that atlas clothing was not up to fire code. thanks alot eric!

but i met mr. grandy the other day. to my surprise, he was quite charming. he had a very youthful face and i could see, he had taken the time to develop a personal report with the vera staff.

i did front door for the clues show. this band has previous members of the unicorns and the arcade fire. this band seems to be very popular among people with a unique taste for obscure music. seriously. do you understand what i'm saying?

of the artists i've met, i was most impressed with PWRFL people. he was so well dressed. i know, it might seem shallow to you that i can judge a musician by the clothes he wears but let me put it this way. he understands that music is never just about the music. it is about the whole package. his friends also, were well dressed.

from what i rember, he wore a pair of unpolished mustard brown wingtips with white skinny jeans. i've seen so many hipsters these days that seem to give up on dressing well below the waist and this kid certainly did not let me down.

he was accompanied by an older gentleman who wore a suit jacket, two sizes too big. he would have been just another hobo off the streets with an ironic sense of humor if it wasn't for the tapered slacks rolled up high above black and white stripped socks. i will call him guliver, certainly. or perhaps jonathan swift. an eccentric intelectual. do we have enough of those in seattle? you tell me.

then there was a girl. she was wearing tights for pants. i understand this is a very trendy look. the high school girls from behind the counter told me that lots of girls do it and it looks rather trampy. but this girl almost pulled it off. i mean, it would have been best if she wore it with a t-shirt dress. my girlfriend does this with a t-shirt dress by alexandar wang. this girl did it with a frumpy old thing she might have pulled from her dad's closet. it showed her youth and it was cute.

closing thoughts. vegetarians are just like hitler. see?

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