Tuesday, March 31, 2009

he could talk for hours, nobody listened

the one minute for marriage videos continue. to tell the truth, you can better see the videos from the youtube profile page here.

the problem here is that you don't have enough time to watch every video. you probably don't have enough interest to watch any of the videos. and i don't blame you.

we might care about the cause but the subject matter is not intellectually stimulating enough to hold the attention of people who are not directly invested. to a large extent, people take human rights for granted. there is a natural flow of things towards enlightenment, toleration and equality.

this is not my fight, so i remain somewhat detached from the issues. i am flexible and ready to change the rhetorical strategy but i am also foreign to the issues and unfamiliar with the history.

i want to put together a one minute broadcast news style personality profile or human interest story of the gay community or people in support of marriage equality. the ideal person would have a unique and compelling point of view but also the people themselves would be interesting and able to hold the camera.

i cannot rely on the subject mater alone to promote the cause. a good model to go by is the prop 8 musical comedy staring jack black. take a look at this thing if you had not already.

my videos would follow in the same vain as my tommy dean show footage but less hobo music and more interviews.

most people i talk to think that gay rights can be won on the discrimination argument alone. many of the one minute for marriage videos will show that. i don't agree with this philosophy because to simplify an already boring issue will not improve it.

stick to the emotionalism and you will polarize hearts. take the time to actually develop a sound argument and you will win minds.

being gay is as natural and not a choice. this could be demonstrated in a number of ways but would be most effective coming from a concerned parent. especially if conservative family values are challenged and redefined.

gay people both understand and desire relationships of commitment and stability. building a strong argument might require some humility and a sense of humor. but also, a willing to expose one self and speak openly and poetically about notions of commitment and love.

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