Friday, March 13, 2009

my agenda with seagate

i want to hold seagate accountable not only to me, the customer but also to themselves as a brand. i agree with you that seagate is the best hard drive brand on the market. when i buy a seagate, i expect to get a machine that runs as smoothly as a lexus. i don't think it is unreasonable for me to be upset when i discover i have a glorified toyota.

the hard drive industry is going to change. my girlfriend is a pm with microsoft with what used to be the office live group. she's part of a shift in the technology industry that will probably kill off the need for home users to buy external hard drives. the future of storage is in the internet clouds.

the hard drive companies will have to seriously rethink their consumer base and how people use their technology. professional content generators and media specialists such as myself will need fast cool running hard drives to work off of.

if they were smart, they would sell their hard drives in pairs. they would cut costs in angry customers, such as myself, if they sold their products in such a way that encouraged responsible media management. even better, if they developed a system that would write data onto two hard drives simultaneously kind of like writing onto carbon copy paper.

you can blame my father if you want, for raising me to think that i am smarter and more innovative than i really am, but i believe seagate should thank me for calling them and pointing out their wrong. here is a great opportunity for them to get a stronger hold on the hard drive market by going above and beyond their competition by delivering a better product. not just a little better but leagues ahead of western digital.

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