Monday, January 12, 2009

get your fill at the bp station

went to brian's. he was out front smoking. i parked the gar in the yard and he watched me botch it on the curb.
those are the new tires? he asked me.
yes. we'll see how long they last, the way i drive on them.
brian is useful for some things, indeed. he bought my car out of impound last month.
he asked me about bruce and if he had cleared off the table. yes, i said.
i followed him around his house a bit and he showed me some unofficial radiohead videos on youtube.
brian told me he wants me to post bruce's bio onto his blogspot.
he gave me $20 for helping bruce friday and told me what still needs to be done. grandiose dreams lie ahead and he wants someone else to fill them.
i told him i am looking for a $10k loan to start my own business and he laughed at me. so many people have tried and failed, he said. blah blah blah. i heard this all before. he likes to talk down about my education but from what i can see, his lessons are all the same. you are not unique. you are not creative. you will fail just like everybody else who has tried this same thing before.
or is this just a test?

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bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ never just a test.
(^ always yet another trial run.

(^ not that 10K would HURT:
but the loan interest? leaves bankrupcy way too likly .
(^ the only thing kept me from debter's prison is that it's no longer legal.
or is it?

(^ marry finnancial backer . that has side effects like makes you crazy, but I kind of like it this way.


good luck with that1
you seem like all is going well for your future.
all it cost me was a lost reputation that I STILL laugh and thumb my nose at anyone who takes crazy talk as anything more than tongue in cheekiness.