Friday, January 16, 2009

first video post

i called bruce but he was not yet out of bed. how foolish of me! i am getting a bit excited and i should not get ahead of myself like this.

breakfast at glow's. this ist he place where you eat breakfast with your lovers, old or new. today i'm eating alone so it's weird. they bring me a menu but i don't touch it. i have decided before i parked the car.

i'm reading man in the high castle because i havn't finnished it yet.

what is the big plan for bruce? am i ready for this kind of responsability? i am only 26 and yet i am already 26. too young to feel this old.

this is important. i've felt this before in madness.

we must pull an audience, i told him. we must gain trust. you are no longer the man who worked with zappa. you are alive and you are continuing to do things. today.


got off the phone with brian. he can be a handfull. every conversation seems to turn to nightmare before christmas and dinosaur and the man who took his wife away. certainly, it is a sensative subject but i want to figure out what is happening today and for tomorrow. i don't care how you introduce peter jackson to the joys of computing.

bruce comes out to open the gate.

made some phone calls regarding bruce's youtube account. who set it up? who knows the password? good to know there is someone helping. good to know its not just brian because he is crazy.

set up uplandos. mispelled it. uploandos. bruce told me he wanted to get a haircut before he did his first video blog. i expected to do a little quick capture thing and he wanted to pull out the camera and do something more in depth.

he has a little canon vixia hv30. i think he got it when his dad passed away.

bruce is getting into it a bit. i think this could be fun.

he comes over as i'm editing and i hate to tell him no but i need to get the first video up.

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