Friday, January 23, 2009

french wine and monster road rap

took tess to see bruce.

i was an hour late because i took a shower and i washed my car. i drove fast and caught the eye of a traffic cop. nothing happened but i got frightened and i slowed down.

bruce was a bit shy of tess at first but as we talked about writing and art, he really opened up. tess had seen monster road and was excited to meet bruce.

talked openly about the plan for bruce. the new game, i told him, is to go strait for the audience and bypass the sutdios. if you build the show, the producers will follow.

its crazy. audience first, product second. so read this blog.

we flesh out pirate mike and tess plays guitar. at some point, bruce tells me a story about how brian once dragged him out to see a dan bern show.

"everything was in the high register," he said. "i kept waiting for it to get better but it never did."

he then gave us a tour of the garage. clay figurines from the frank zappa animation days. soon, i will post pictures. i have access to a canon 5d slr that i don't know how to use. also, i have access to a cheap canon high def camera. it probably sells for $800 but i'm a snob when it comes to cameras.

watch this vlog!

before we left, bruce reminded me of carrie robinsons birthday party. i offered to take him sunday night and he laughed.

"oh good! this way i can get drunk."

you would have to know bruce bickford to know how funny this is.

he then told us how he loves to drink fine french wine and drop some mean blues raps. he's done it a couple times with some ex-zappa musicians. project object, he said.

this is obscure. do i get 1000 hipster points for this level of obscurity?

bruce tells me another story about dabbling in caffeine. he drank 5 cups of coffee one afternoon and stayed up all night thinking about the joker story. he said he worked out a bunch of good stuff but he couldn't sleep and he got all these nasty physical side effects.

i love you, bruce. i freaking love you.