Friday, July 17, 2009

tiny vipers at kexp

this was the highlight of my week. chatting with jesy fortino before her set at kexp. i have a lot of respect for musicans who manage to fold time and space with mere sound waves. communicating these feelings are hard enough but also to get into that headspace where you are capable of accessing them. amazing. tiny vipers is not just another girl with acoustic guitar singer songwriter shindig.

KEXP inStudio 11.1 from More Dust Than Digital on Vimeo.

i had no part of this shoot. i think i might have handed someone an extention cord but i was a happy bystander of a professional set up.

some things i might have done differently? maybe fewer cuts. i like the static shots, sometimes inconventionally framed. my only biggest complaint is silly but, i don't like the camera on the other side of the microphone. i know most people don't think it looks wrong but to me its jarring.

i like the wide shot that is kind of washed out while the other shots don't really match. i believe the wide shot was captured with a different camera. these mixed media shoots are tricky. more tricky than you'd think unless you've tried it before.

more dust than digital is a seattle based video production company in the university district. they volunteer their expertise to kexp and i would love to work for them!


icastico said...

Nice stuff, thanks for sharing it.

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ so why don't you?

(^ work with/for/intern etc with more dust?
(^ haven't asked?