Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The White Background

This is my first time working on my own as Gaffer. I've lit for scenarios like this before but always with an experienced Director of Photography looking over my shoulder, telling me what works and what doesn't.

And of course, I didn't have all the tools in my tool kit that I would like. No frosties or gels to soften the light. No flags or silks, either. No waveform monitors or histograms. Not even a light meter.

The result is a strange graduated background. And the skin tones are a bit warmer than I would like.

The narrative came together very nicely. Its a great mix of voices. And I like how the little light in everybody's eyes makes them look like they're on the verge of tears. I think I successful captured the honesty and earnestness of these women. So I'm pretty happy with that bit.

As soon as I get a chance, I'd like to find out the ISO rating of my camera. Then I'd like to get a light meter. I don't do a whole lot of interview scenarios where I would need lights and everything but I want to be ready for when that job comes in.